Dinner Party

Music: check. Activities and games: check. Decorations: check. Food: hmm.

Let's Celebrate!

Food is, arguably, the most important aspect of a party. It is capable of establishing a mood, enhancing a theme, and encouraging your party goers to mingle. But, unfortunately, deciding on a menu can be stressful, preparing a large quantity of food in a small kitchen can be tough, and knowing exactly how much to prepare can be tricky. If you feel like you’ve bitten off more than you can chew and are worried that you will disappoint your guests, allow us to be of some assistance.

Working with Extravagant Events means working with a hassle-free food service that is customized to your preferences. Our clients can choose among many foods and catering solutions to ensure that everyone at your private event has a relaxing, satisfying dining experience or social hour.

We use only top quality ingredients in the mouth-watering appetizers and courses we serve our valued guests. Our staff can prepare and serve everything from appetizers to dessert, and we always provide alternative options with every meal we feature.

Wait Staff for Home Gatherings

We always aim for customer satisfaction so we are always attentive to our clients’ vision for the planned event. We always hire experienced, qualified staff, who are professional, efficient and polished when your private event is ready to begin. We ensure that you will always feel comfortable welcoming our staff into your home since we know that when you are holding an event at home, you want to feel that you can trust the people you hire.

Working with us means working with a caterer that is willing to expertly and elegantly delight your guests by delivering mouth-watering, beautiful food with an impeccable service to match your event.

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