Here and Now...

A great wedding catering menu tend to have a little bit of everything. They need some personality, some luxury and something that marries the entire thing together. These aren't restaurant menus, but carefully crafted selections that highlight the very best parts of the occasion and its meaning

Wedding Reception

One of the great skills that tends to earn high marks from former clients is our singular commitment to making the day itself hassle-free. No matter what the weather or traffic throws at you, we will happily adjust the schedule to suit any contingency. All of the work is done out of sight so your guests enjoy nothing but a seamless, thrilling affair.

We take a painstaking approach to the design of our wedding menus.

Every detail must suit the occasion, and that means we look for diversity in presentation, style and color alongside the basics such as flavor and region. Whatever your vision for the day, we can augment it with our in-house planners and their deep experience in pulling off beautiful events.

Check our menu sampler for selections and ideas on what to serve and please don't hesitate to call or write with any questions. When you have an idea of what you're looking for, you can easily fill out an appointment request for a better sense of the price. We look forward to working with you and refining your menu until it is exactly what you want.

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