Caribbean Menu

Stationary Items

Market Fresh Seasonal Fruit Platter Chefs Famous Warm Crab and Artichoke Dip Fresh Tropical Fruit Water

Sorel Punch

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Butler Passed Items

Jamaican Beef Patties

Jamaican Vegetable Patties
Curry Chicken Patties
Crispy Cod Fish Cakes
Our Own Famous Tender Succulent Bang Bang Shrimp

Dinner Buffett

Caribbean Salad

Baby Spinach Salad with Our Tropical Sesame, Ginger Lightly Spicy Mango Pineapple Dressing
Served with the Seasons Ripest Tomato Selection
Crispy Rice Noodle, Black and White Toasted Sesame Seeds, Chopped Peanuts

The Buffet Always Includes Our Internationally Famous Coco Bread and Fried Plantains

Please Choose 3 Entrees

1 Rice and 1 Vegetable

(Your Choice of Curry)

Boneless Curried Chicken Curried Goat
Curried Lamb
Curried Ox Tail
Whole Curried Market Fresh Fried Fish


Please Choose for the Rice Dish to Be made with White Rice or Basmati Rice

Traditional Pigeon Peas and Rice Traditional Red Beans and Rice

Butter Browned Orzo Rice Pilaf


Jerk Salmon Sides with Vidalia Drizzle
Boneless Jerk Chicken Where the Flavor is in and Under Jerk Mahi Mahi with Mango Pineapple Relish


Crispy Fried Flying Fish with Tropical Ginger Ali Oli

Fried Market Fresh Fish Escovitch
Grilled Mahi Mahi with a Zesty Tropical Fruit and Scotch Bonnet Relish


Classic Pernil

3 day Marinated Slow Roasted Tender Pork with Pan Juices Jerk Pork Loin

Marinated Grilled Pork with a Sweet and Spicy Ginger Tropical Fruit Glaze


Cuban Style Black Beans

Great as a Vegetable Side or a Sauce
Braised Cabbage
Green Beans with Smoked Pork and Sautéed Onions and Garlic Collard Greens
Sautéed Kale

Finish Up with Tropical Fruit and Plantain Heaven Flambé

Deep Fried Plantains Coated with

Dark Coco Powder and Confectionary Sugar Tropical Cinnamon Grated and light Brown Sugar Butter Sautéed Ripe Mango and or Pineapple Served over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Drizzled with Warm Carmel Sauce Dusted with Shaved Chocolate

Serving DC, Maryland, Delaware, & Virginia