Italian Wedding Rehearsal Menu

Regional Italian Cuisine

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Dinner Buffet (Choice of Two Entrées)

Chicken Marsala
Chicken Picatta
Chicken Cacciatore
Vegetable Lasagna
Meat Lasagna
Choice of Pasta with Marinara, Pesto or Alfredo Sauce

Served with Romano and Parmesan Cheese

Seasonal Vegetable

(such as Broccolini with Garlic and Portobello Mushrooms or Marinated Grilled Vegetables with Roasted Garlic Olive Oil and Basil)

Classic Caesar Salad with Parmesan Cheese and Croutons Crispy Garlic Bread Tira Misu or Cannoli’s
Iced Tea, Lemonade and Fruit Water

$35 per Person

15% Discount if Your Wedding is with us.

All Prices subject to 19% Service Charge and appropriate Taxes.

Serving DC, Maryland, Delaware, & Virginia